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When I'm not working on curating vibrant brands and elevated digital designs, I love to travel with my husband, learn new recipes, and explore other creative facets. I also enjoy interior decorating, painting, and event planning!

I'm Jordan, the designer at J. Ashley!

I love meeting new people and sharing stories over coffee. Most of the time, that means laughing until I get a headache. Even if we've just met, I'll greet you with a smile and usually a big hug.

I married my best friend and the love of my life in November 2019. I designed and planned the whole wedding myself and had a blast! Since getting engaged, I’ve started calligraphy and added it to my services!

I have so enjoyed working with Jordan to update my blog and to consult with her about social media presence and branding. She is extremely knowledgeable and is able to explain things in an easy to understand manner. While we never met face to face, through phone calls and emailing, she fully captured the look and feel that I envisioned for my site. In addition to being a pro, she also has a warm and positive attitude that made me excited about our project.

- A Little Lovely