Building a business that serves your lifestyle without sacrificing quality work — consistently. That takes dedication like no other. Yet here you are, doing it. 

From the outside looking in, your growth might seem effortless. But you know how much hard work it’s taken to get here. And now? You’re ready to make bigger strides and reach a higher potential.

i see the work you’re putting into your brand

  • Effortlessly raising your rates to captivate clients who see your value

  • Stopping the comparison-itis and finally standing behind a brand you’re proud of

  • Consistently showing up with a seamless online presence that sells with ease

  • Finally following through on business, or even life, transitions that will serve you long-term

Your dream, your business, your goals. My job is simply to help you get there with design and consulting.

Bigger strides can look something like…

This process is centered around giving you the most serene experience of pouring back into your business, champagne glass in hand, while setting you up for success long-term. Prepare to be pampered, friend!

all you have to do is sit back, relax, and dream

the jai process

We begin the experience by setting the foundations — getting to know you, your dream clients, and your strategic brand

With questionnaires to dive into for 4-6 weeks, along with a Forza Collective online course custom-created for JAI clients, we’ll conduct expert-level market research to determine which visual elements will seamlessly tell your story while inspiring dream clients to take action. The insights collected will set our experience up with a solid foundation built to last.

Pre-Project: Strategic Market Research

Infused with strategic data and your unique approach, we’ll craft a visual identity that embodies your brand’s vision and heart

Now, the foundations are in place and the fun begins! We’ll meet to discuss the mood board I’ve created for you, based on your responses, along with logo ideas during our Brand Clarity Call. Mid-week you’ll receive several logo options to choose from. After you hand-pick the custom logo that lights you up, we'll wrap up the week with your full brand identity.

Week 1: Brand Identity

It’s remarkable how much a website’s experience can speak volumes, without saying a word

Much like you strive to give your clients an elevated experience, your website should give users a pleasant taste of what it’s like to work with you. When mapped out intentionally, it will capture the eye of dream clients and drive results. Let’s make the journey one that will surprise and delight all the way to your contact form.

Week 2: Website Design in showit

Ensuring the memorable elements of your brand carries through every touchpoint

During this part of the process, we start to see your brand come to life. Because I firmly believe your brand goes well beyond beautiful visuals. As I’m working on your website, Hound & Otis will create on-brand print collateral made to impress future clients as Rekindle Communications writes a tagline that will directly speak to dream clients.

Additional Brand Elements: Tagline & Packaging Design

Pop the champagne friend, your brand’s growth only goes up from here!

I’ll give you all the tech (and emotional) support you’ll need for a smooth and seamless launch. Get ready for all the DMs and loving comments on social media because there will plenty that give you all the feels! If you need it, I’ll be available for additional a la carte support. But now that we’ve finished our project, I’ll be keeping in touch, cheering you on in business and in every area of life!

Launch & Post-Project Support

smaller investment, quicker turnaround

vip intensive design day

You'll get my undivided attention for 1 full day (8 hours) to design whatever your business needs. Whether that's a mini brand, website template customization, brand updates (for former clients), or anything else you can think of! You'll only have a little bit of homework before our project, so it's great for busy entrepreneurs. Not to mention, you'll get on my calendar sooner!

Investment: $2,000

this is what i need!

Hiring Jordan benefits YOU and your clients. She is your professional designer, cheerleader and dreamer for your brand. Her knowledge and remarkable talent gives you beautiful solutions that your clients will fall in love with. Jordan adds value, time, a luxury experience for elevated brands who seek to give their clients the best experience. I could not have dreamed of working with a more heartfelt, genuine innovator and professional designer.

the success of your business hinges on hiring jordan to serve your clients in a way that is truly elevated & luxurious

sara cooley

Jordan worked with me to help me with the future of my branding and business as a photographer. My website needed an all new everything, and Jordan got me on her schedule and gave me a whole new makeover. She created a beautiful home for my business and was efficient and helpful in the whole process. She also is so easy to get along with and so glad that we not only built my brand, but built a friendship in the process! Forever grateful for going with her! 

[jordan] put herself in my mind and dug out what i didn't know i wanted and needed. i'm forever grateful for her!

lauren prevatte

Jordan has been an absolute dream to work with. I knew we wanted to work with her a year ago and she has surpassed all expectations. Technology and marketing is NOT my strong point and Jordan has made this entire process simple and joyful and exactly what we envisioned. If you’re looking for a brand designer you have found her!

jai has truly helped our brand come to life and it's so us. we are truly amazed & thankful for jordan's amazing work!

rachael carter

[Jordan] is so knowledgeable and willing to go above and beyond for her clients. I told her about myself and the heart behind my business and she brought it to life through my website so beautifully. [Since working with Jordan] I feel more put together, therefore I have more confidence to go after the bigger things I probably wouldn’t have gone for if I knew I didn’t have my look together. My new brand & website truly bring a sense of confidence and trust-worthiness to the table. The investment was 100% worth it!

[my brand} has given me confidence to take the risks necessary to advance my business.

laken hanna

A sophisticated look and experience for every touchpoint of your business

expect to leave the atelier with...

A fully custom website and brand that draws in dreamier, higher-paying clients

a new confidence that propels you towards your biggest dreams